Saturday, October 11, 2008

Advertisment: Lego Batman / GAME UK

Aries Antics in association with GAME UK Presents

Lego Batman exclusive GAME unlockable

Catwoman Classic Purple Costume: m1aaww

To Unlock The Outfit:

1) Start/load game
2) Enter the Batcave /Arkham Asylum
3) Approach the Batcomputer
4) Select the 'cheat code' option
5) enter the code EXACTLY as depicted above



Aries said...

urgh i feel like such a sellout, i loath advertising on the blogg.

so dirty so very very dirty...must go wash the commercialism away.

DoveAlexa said...

//gives you tomato juice to wash with

You sure posted a lot while I was having back related downtime. Stop that ;)

Aries said...

dont worry your pretty head i have a warm shower and some tomato juice here....

....ooh saucy