Thursday, October 9, 2008

Daily Blogg: Follow the Leader

Its been up for about a month now and to be honest im not surprised you haven't seen it but


ok i may be being a tad touchy and i realize that its right at the very bottom right hand corner of the blog but i hoped someone would notice it.
So come on readers show me a little love and follow the leader off this merry and jovial cliff into the dark gloom of infinity while i blurt miscellaneous insanity's in your poor weary brains.

and on that note how come i got no donations eh? and wheres my coffee and who stole my stapler and why....

...hey where do you think your going?...

...i haven't finished ranting yet


HITMAN said...

Hey bud I am #1 woo hoo! Ok just the first to sign in but looks like you have thousands of hits...who knew you were so popular!

Aries said...

meh you give the people what they want and they keep coming back.

there fickle but i luv dem a huggy bunch anyway

DoveAlexa said...

//huggy bunch? :3

...//rawr *kitty*

(I dunno either)

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