Sunday, January 13, 2008

Daily Blogg: DIY router makes Brain hurt!

As some of you know my router decided to burn out and take my Internet with it!

Fortunately for me i had my old backup USB router in my parts box and was able to get back online to look up a few sites on DIY repair.

Eight hours & a red hot soldering iron later i am once again wireless. But while i was doing my repairs i decided to do a few "modifications"...

...OK to be honest i totally ripped off the idea of doing this from an open source website but if it improves my surfing capabilities I'm not complaining...

<span class= i added a sodding big fan, and am having a shiny new expansion to the case vac moulded in carbon grey to fit it as we speak and am just marking out (and in some cases extending) the LED's to fit. But it means i have a super cooled Wireless Router to play with and once i finish the housing for the new fan I'll be back up to speed.

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