Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Daily Blogg: Dead laptop FTL

So er...yea turns out that beer and laptops don't mix!, i mean who knew that "splash proof" doesn't include alchol. Seriously who in there right mind would sell a computer to an Irish bloke without making shure its beer proof!

Honestly im insulted...

What this means however humble reader is that the Blogg is only partially functional due to the fact that I'm attempting to update using my steampowered and often hamster driven desktop.

(no not my box o' crap but an awesome image I'm shure you agree)

this means i cant use video streaming sites properly and don't have half my normal bag of tricks to play with including sadly my much loved World of Warcraft.

Normal service will be returned as soon as i persuade my boss to cough up the cash to get my baby repaired... the latter part of "hahaha who the f**k are you kidding".

so i guess sometime on Saturday, i can be very persuasive.


DoveAlexa said...

Lol, if the comp doesn't break itself you break it instead :P. Good way to get up and running ;).

I love that 'steam engine' looking desktop tower, if that's not yours, then whose is it? The porthole was a nice touch.

Aries said...

A buddy over at Zedomax (hes french but dont hold that against him)
made it as part of his steam punk series for an art project.
It turned out kinda tasty,gotta say i kinda want it.

Aries said...

turns out he's made another one for a german client THAT SERVES BEER!!

im gonna kill him...

Kidkidd said...

Ah man that sucks! good luck getting it back online, and like dove said, that pic is hilarious, i want one! i still power mine with coal :(

On a side note, logitech g15 keyboard = teh shiz, shows vent, in game stats, ect on an LCD screen, if you dont have 1, get one trust me, i plug it in even on my laptop. also i revised my UI for raiding, how is it? :)

Aries said...

ahhh much better, im shure your finding that much more efficiant!

anyway my gerbil is tired, myst reboot....again....