Sunday, September 9, 2007


Gentle readers earlier today i was spam attacked by a certain gentlemen (child) that will at this time remain nameless, however if you have read my blog regularly you will have a good idea who it was.

I opened up this blog for comment for one reason and one reason only i appreciate real and regular feedback from my readers and like to her your opinions on my various insanities. This is NOT an excuse for some uppity little shit stirring ass hat child to spam my goddamn blog!

I will close the comments pages and IP ban anyone who constantly spams the comment pages. To the person who did do this take this as a warning this is MY BLOG AND I WILL POST WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT!

Lets be honest here Blizzard couldn't stop me what chance does a snotty little thief who's testicles have yet to drop with the IQ if a three day dead goldfish and a canine fetish got?

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