Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rumour mill (yet more shapeshifting insanity)

Most of us realise that i can only post what little information i can acquire and can only speculate on the upcoming expansion and more especially on specific classes... this is not to say that i don't HAVE more information merely that it may be inaccurate or simply wrong, and as such i have enough respect for all of my readers NOT to post pointless or unsubstantiated rumours.

However as your humble rumour monkey i have gained a little more info on the latest Druid changes, although i know this for a fact....boomkins ain't gonna like it!

It seems that Moonkin form will be getting another slight Nerf, basically it seems people are sick sore and tired of being spam moonfired to death in PVP (well duh!) so Blizz will be attempting to make the other forms (Restoration and Feral respectively) a more viable combat option in Player verses Player combat and more specifically in Arena combat. Essentially this will result in a slightly slower damage over time (DoT) with moonfire and a slightly longer cool down (2.5 seconds rather than 1.5) on casting. Now i promised some more information on the "guardian" forms.

The "guardian of the (forest or plains)" will (if the rumour is accurate) be a supringly large treant type form, this form will allow increased healing and stamina while allowing the guardian to release treant minions to improve melee damage and protect the guardian druid. Rumour also has it that this form despite being a Resto form will allow the Druid to utilise some of the balance tree combat skills, however if this includes moonfire is yet to be substantiated.

OK there is one last rumour but i have to admit i am a little suspicious of the source, but none the less rumour has it that an improved feral form may also be included but no further information on what form this will take has been even hinted at, but rest assured i will post any and all info as soon as i get it.

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