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Private server how too guide (antrix)

Step 1) Download ALL of the files!
1. To download the files go to the forums -> downloads -> private server, then download Antrix, TerraNet Database, SQLyog, and WAMP5. (You have to be registered and logged in on the forums to see the downloads)

Step 2) Extract the latest Antrix Rev and Maps
1. You can extract Antrix anywhere you want, also make sure to extract the maps folder into the Antrix directory. This is what your Antrix directory should look like after you are done.

Step 3) Install WAMP5 and SQLyog using default settings
1. Open WAMP5 by left clicking the icon in the taskbar at the bottom right of your screen, click phpMyAdmin.
2. Click the Privileges link near the bottom of the page.
3. Click Add a new User link.
4. Type "antrix" for the username, "localhost" for the host, and enter in any password (I used "pass"). Now scroll down a little and click "Check All" next to Global privileges. Now scroll all the way down and click go.
5. Now open up SQLyog, click continue and then click new. Now enter in "localhost" for the MySQL Host Address, "antrix" for the username, and "pass" for the password (unless you used something different). Click connect.
6. Right click the open area underneath the database names and click "Create Database" or CTRL+D, type in "antrix" for the name of the database.
7. Now you want to extract the TNPS_DB.rar file that you downloaded from the forums, it doesn't matter where you extract it because you can delete the folder after you have completed Step 3. After you finished extracting, go back to SQLyog and right click the "antrix" database you just created and click "Restore From SQL Dump..." Click the little "..." (browse) button and locate "TerraNetDBRev6.sql" in the database folder, (\TNPS_DB\TNPS DB\TNPS DataBase\TerraNetDBRev6\) then click Execute.
8. Hit F9 after it has finished, now do the exact same thing with "MissingTables.sql" in the database folder, (\TNPS_DB\TNPS DB\Missing Character Related Tables\) then click Execute.
9. Hit F9 after it has finished, now we are going to create the user account for the server. Click the "+" sign next to antrix to expand the database, right click accounts and click view data (it should be the first table). Put "1" in acct, put "admin" in login, put "password" in password, put "az" in gm (Look at the GM Commands list, it means you get access to all the commands), put "8" in flags (a feature where you can limit what commands someone has access to). Finally click save to save what you entered.
10. You are now finished and can close SQLyog.

Step 4) Now you want to edit the configuration files, open up your antrix foldery
1. Open up antrix.conf with wordpad, change username to "antrix", password to "pass" and database name to "antrix".
2. Open up logonserver.conf with wordpad, and do the exact same changes you did with "antrix.conf".
3. Open up realms.conf with wordpad, and change "" to your external IP address. To get your external IP address, go to (there are 2 areas you want to change the IP, one at the top and one at the bottom where it says the realm information. You can also change the realm name to whatever you want, the default name is

Step 5) **Skip this step if you don't use a router** (this step was written using a Netgear router)
1. This is the tricky part, first off what you need to do is login to your router. I am not sure if this way works with all routers but it should. Go to Start -> Run and type cmd. After command prompt has started up, type ipconfig. It should list your ip address, subnet mask, and default gateway. Write down your ip address and default gateway. Type exit.
2. Now go into Firefox (if you dont have Firefox, get it!!! It is 100 times better than IE) type in your Default Gateway in your address bar/url bar or whatever you want to call it.
3. It should pop up a login window, type in your username and password. The default username is admin unless you changed it, the default password is either nothing or it's "password" unless you changed it. If you don't know what the username and password is ask the person who setup the router.
4. Now after you have logged in go to the Pord Forwarding page, this will not be the same with all routers. Make sure Port Forwarding is bulleted and click Add Custom Server.
5. Enter in whatever you want for the service name, sevice type should be (TCP/UDP), Starting port should be whatever port you need to enter in (ex. 3306) and ending port should be the same thing, now for the server ip, make sure it is the same thing that you have written down.
6. Now click apply and you have successfully added a port! Now just finish adding all of them and you are done! Here is the list of ports you need to add (3724 - 8093 - 3306 - 8129) ** Remember, this process will only be exactly as I have written it if you have the same router as me, otherwise you will need to think for yourself and find out where to forward the ports. I went through the basic process of doing it so you should get the concept.

Step 6) Now it's time to start up the server!
1. Go inside your antrix folder and open up "loginserver.exe" (Note: Always make sure WAMP is running, otherwise you will fail to connect to the database).
2. Now open up "antrix.exe" (If everything looks the same in the picture, then you are fine).
3. The final step... Go to your World Of Warcraft directory (C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft) and make a copy of (name it whatever you want or leave it default). Now open up with notepad and change it to "set realmlist external ip address". That's it, connect to your server with your account and start playing!

GM commands - Here!
Item ID's - Here!
Mount ID's - Here!
Skill ID's - Here!
Spell ID's - Here!
NPC ID's - Here!

ok there you go now no more complaining get making that Machima!!!

FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does logonserver.exe fail to initialize?
A: Becase you need the latest .net framework, Microsoft Website

Q: Why can't I extract the files?
A: Because you need WinRAR,

Q: Why am I missing MSVCP71.dll or any other DLL files?
A: Download the DLL Files and put the .dll files you need in your antrix folder and everything should work fine.

Q: When I click phpMyAdmin I get a access denied page.
A: That's because you edited your WAMP before and you set a password for the user "root" so when it tries to open it, it doesn't think there is a password. You can either completely delete WAMP (go to control panel -> add/remove programs and uninstall it, then go to the area that you installed it and delete the folder), or you can edit the file with wordpad and replace this line ($cfg['Servers'][$i]['password'] = '';) with ($cfg['Servers'][$i]['password'] = 'yourpassword';).

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