Monday, July 30, 2007

Private server = pain

Well as we know im a warcraft nut, and athough i do play retail (Go team Pala) i decided to throw caution to the wind over the summer holidays due to some amazing time limitations decided to roll a rogue on a private server... athough this is insane and totaly beyond the normal restraints of retail WoW i found myself having a lot if fun, i Made a little rogue and rolled him up to Lv80...(yes 80 its a private server guys) and pumped up his sword and degger skills to 400 through a couple of free hours grinding and made the little chap an enchanter, yesterday however i hit the big time when a friendly GM assisted me in the aquisition of the Twin blades of Azzinoth (cheers sneaky) which i promptly chanted with mongoose & batlemaster respectivly and procieded to own the world...sadly today however i logged in and due to a techincal glitch my little Belf pwner got im having a bit of a cry about it...just though i'd post it here as this means my video showing my (frankly stupid) power level will have to go on hold...oh well shit happens..i just wish it would stop happening to me...
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