Thursday, August 2, 2007

No updates for a few days guys...sorry

There wont be another update this week as i have to evict my deadbeat brothe-in-law from my house to do this i have to pretty much turn off everything (heat, light, phone, water etc.) because hes been takeing the piss for quite some time and hasent bothered his ass even trying to find a new normaly im a bloody nice guy but my normal saint like tolerance has wained when he left the girl he was with pregnant and homeless and then bring in slapper after slapper back to my place and f**king them.

Now i live in a ruddy nice area and my neighbours are begining to talk thinking that is me bringing back these ''women'' and making ''lewd'' noises, this information has reached the ears of various elderly members of my family and has caused some friction between me and my long term partner.

so today is the last straw, f**k him f**k his needs and GTFO my home you f**king leech!.

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