Monday, August 13, 2007

Only in America...and everywhere else...

Ah Teamspeak & Ventrilo the voice of the huddled masses where a million fratboys and squeekers congregate to assult the ears and numb the senses. Well once again i found myself bound to the iron headset in a frankly insane attempt to once again force the world to listen to my innane rambleings while in turn I attempt to make sense of the wonderful myriad of accents and carry in some form of conversation.

Oddly to my suprise last night while chatting on the Renegade WoW (antrix) server's Vent i found myself destressingly comfortable (athough i did feel a bit old) around the various faceless masses even to the point where i directed some of them to this very blogg! as well as sing my little heart out to some of Brandon (oxhorns) various manic melodies as well as have some suprisingly stimulating conversations with my fellow gamers, however one thing that did keep me awake into the small hours...a veratible question for the ages...a question so pointless and implacable that i still dont have an answer... WHAT THE HELL DOES COKE TASTE OFF???

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