Thursday, August 16, 2007

MORE private server pains...

Well tonight after six attempts and five disconnects from the server and much cursing frustration and self inflicted pain we finaly beat seven shades of crap out of Illidan! what should have been our moment of triumph was destinctly soured by one little problem.....HE DIDNT DROP ANY PHAT LEWT!!!

To say we were shocked is something of an understatement and caused some serious dents in our social morale (our druid actualy cried!) that only had one remedy...CONSULT THE GM's.

However it turns out that one of the admin (im not naming names here) decided to change to loot tables on th server to let some whiners get a HELL of a lot of gold from trash mobs with little or no effort, sadly this means that for those of us with the balls to attempt to kill the big bosses in the game that the loot we were expecting not only didnt drop but is now unatainable untill the loot tables can be repaired. As i pointed out...we...were...not...ammused. Some would (smuggly) say that its our own fault playing on a free server to them i say...your probibly right bUt in all honesty where else in the world could you get the level of drama and insanity that a seven man Illidan run can bring and have a hope in hell of bringing him down?

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Wulfie said...

well then. won't get too worried about gearing up my drood any time soon :P

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