Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life the universe and WoW

So im back again, nothing new there or so you would think...i've been a tad busy, life sucks what can i say but thats family for you.
So what the hell have i been doing then? well apart from evicting my brother in law and making myself out as a total dick as far as my family is concerned and something of a social phiria, but screw it thats life isn't it. So anyway now that i have no social life again (thanks bro...) i guess i can go back to playing WoW without feeling guilty... well thats what im telling myself. None the less it does give me a chance to catch up with writing this damn book, gods curse writers block, but you know what they say ''necessety is the mother of invention'' and i REALY need to get payed so i think its about time to put my brain in gear and force my immagination to pay the rent. Anyway back to the grind, maby ill see you in game where i'lll be stimulating my immagintion...*cough*

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