Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FREE TV! (yes i said free dammit)

Now i say this to those of you that have decided to actually read this instead of jumping to the link and enjoying the wonderful freebie i would just like to say thank you and please feel free to go ahead and watch whatever the hell you want as the rest of this is basically just a review and guide.

Still here? good well then from what i see alluc.org is a free to view open sourced community driven website that utilises a number of publicly available video sites (such as Youtube etc.) to provide total coverage of the most popular TV shows, series & music videos. Or to put it another way it offers up a free up to date database of every single publicly uploaded show and provides a link and re uploading service to those people who register. So basically what we have is well exactly what it says on the tin "All you see for free" free TV. so why exactly are you still here?....oh yea your gonna need a link to the site arnt you....well i could be a tease and not give it to you but I'm not that cruel.

Enjoy and goodnight: http://www12.alluc.org/alluc/

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