Monday, August 27, 2007

Wasteing a day...

So its Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK and joy of joys i have a whole day to do whatever the hell i want but given the always wonderful weather here in Northern Ireland i find myself limited to indoor exploits or to be more precise i find myself stuck behind my computer...again...*sigh*.

Now as many if you know I'm a writer, or to be more precise I'm an article bot for a popular gaming website, but when i get a chance i like to do a little more than tear PSP and XBOX games apart for then entertainment of others or use the connections i have to splurge restricted information about certain popular MMORPG's and there various expansions to the public. So today i have put my head down and been working on my novel ....again..... and playing around with photoshop, in short I'm wasting a day simply because i can .....or at least that was the plan..... you see approximately one hour ago i received an Email from a fellow review monkey concerning some very very new screen shots from WotLK which i will be putting up on the Blogg sometime tomorrow. As for why not today...well didn't i say i was on holiday? So sit tight and ill bring you the Info ASAP.

By the way rumours of a cease and desist order form Blizzard regarding the information i have published here has come to for why?.... well if they do ask me to stop just take it as given that everything i have published is confirmed by Blizz Legal Dept. as fact and until they do stop me I'm going to keep posting any and all rumours and information here on this Blogg.

Yea I'm a real publishing rebel, and anyone who says different can bite my crank.

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