Monday, January 4, 2010

A peons Journey: Cancelled until further notice

A peons Journey (the Role playing project Shaman on Earthen Ring US) is cancelled until further notice due to the ending of my US world of warcraft account.

Sorry folks but some issues with the guild i joined had led to a heated or at least lukewarm debate regarding what can and cannot be said within the boundaries of the in game guild chat channel.

Further updates of this form and format has been rendered null and void.

that is all....


DoveAlexa said...

Drama... Figures. How many of them were teenagers?

On a happier note, I am now the proud owner of a plastic Green Lantern ring. //happy

Aries said...

there were just a few problems regarding "fitting in" it was decided that my use fo the language was not only inappropriate but when i made a "drama" out of it and was apparently sarcastic (personally i call it wit but meh each to there own) and we parted ways.

regardless i too am a rpoud owner of teh red,orange,yellow, green, blue & Black rings.

DoveAlexa said...

Oh god... I have a hard time swallowing the existence of a friggen rainbow team of Lantern wannabes. My friend offered me the other rings but I didn't know who/what they were and took the green one. I feel kinda bad for taking the "good" one though.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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