Sunday, January 3, 2010

Belated New years Gift: Marvel Zombies

Due primarily to my mediafire account taking a dump and my computer following its sterling example i can only upload the greatest of teh Marvel zombies files...

...wait did i say greatest? why yes i did! This is the Marvel zombies Vs teh army of darkness. Thats a necromonicon a bomm stick a chainsaw and the biggest baddass of all time kicking back in a zombie world of super heros.

who could ask for anything more.

Marvel Zombies 2 .rar

oh dont panic your selves I'll be uploading my own Marvel Zombies Archive file some time soon, well as soon as i can find the DVD i burnt it onto lol.


DoveAlexa said...

That cover is f-ing disturbing. Makes me a little afraid to read it but-
THANK YOU ARIES! //huggles

DoveAlexa said...

They were pretty meh. =\
Looks like it'll be a drawn out series with no real conclusion till it gets canceled.

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