Thursday, December 24, 2009

Daily Blogg: Christmas gift to my fans

Merry Geekmas to all and to all a good night!

This year im bring the gift of the wonderful elseworlds title JLA: Created Equal.
The story is about a Superman having'see hes the last man on earth...well the last fertile man on earth after a massive biological disaster renders anyone with a Y chromosome sterile and soon after dead thus ending humanity as we know it. Fortunately Kal-El's Kryptonian DNA is made of sterner stuff and after knocking up Lois offers his DNA to the women of earth in order to repopulate... i wont spoil the twist and by extension the second story (which i also included) and ending of this tale but just imagine for a moment a world of super human kiddies with similar powers to Supe's himself and just what there teenage years are going to be like.

Now before you hit teh download i should warn you it will be first come first served as due to copyright laws and the fact that i dont want to have my ass sued im only offering up 10 downloads of this .rar for you all to squabble over.

so if you want it download it NOW!

Link: Click here to download file

Merry Christmas folks and look out for the boxing night movie.


DoveAlexa said...

The CDisplay site is dead ;_;. I'll get a different one but still. Sad.
Also, I GOT 1 OF THE 10!

Aries said...

glad you got one (i had a few lechers grab about 6 of them...) and donr worry just google .cbr reader and all will be well

DoveAlexa said...

yup, got one, not as good as the first though, fullscreen didn't remove the interface. Still good enough to do its job though.

This one was okay I think, kinda felt like it was an 'obligatory' story instead of something totally wild and awesome like Red Son.

God I love Red Son. Though I had the ending spoiled by my friends in 2006 so it wasn't as awesome as it should have been.

The Age of Wonders one was also good, but I seriously need to see the DC and Marvel ZOMBIES.

Aries said...

well theres always my new years gift...

...just sayin

DoveAlexa said...

//awaits it eagerly