Monday, December 21, 2009

How Too: Dreamcatcher giftables

Ok tis that time of year again folks and as you all know im cheap so for me its time to "make the thought count" and give away some freebies to my more ...unusual... friends.

Now im not saying this is a gift for just hippies and native Americans but i am saying that when i say ots the thought that counts in this case it will be more "the effort" that counts.

This is NOT an easy make but it is fairly quick and when decorated with a few feathers and beads (bought from any local craft shop)and a little creativity you can do something really personal for your friends remarkably quickly.

Now i should say, the video itself is of relievedly low quality but if you listen to the instructions it is quite clear what she is talking about and doing.
With a little practice you can probibly knock out one of these in about 40 mins but for your first one i suggest you take an hour and take your time. Apart from that you can (with a little imagination) make something wonderful for yourself or others with minimal effort and financial outlay.

NOW if your feeling especially cheap this year combine a very small version of this project with a few feathers and pop it inside an origami box (see last weeks make) and a little ribbon and you have an all but free but quite expensive looking craft gift to give away, and remember that athough teh smaller dreamcatchers are a little more fiddly to make they are a lot quicker and can be made with very cheap craft thread and due to there small size mistakes in there manufacture can easily be overlooked.

*if it looks terrible or if you screw up call it rustic design
*use local (and most importantly free) materials to make it more authentic
*clean all feathers in boiling water and place in an airing cupboard for 24 hours before use
*light application of a rawhide strip thong to a small catcher can make it an amazing necklace
*chicks dig handy craft, if you want to impress her add this as an extra to your REAL gift

good lock and seasons greetings to you all


DoveAlexa said...


Too bad I spent all my time and energy (and money, some), making nearly 20 dozen cookies.



Aries said...

oh well you can always make one for yourself come new year

DoveAlexa said...

I just might
Also, great gift idea for random birthdays. I don't have to worry for a few months for someone's to come up but I'll bookmark this for then, same with the boxes.

Also, I love awesome looking crafts. I might use a clear glass/plastic ring and fishing wire to make a see-through one.