Monday, February 16, 2009

Daily Blogg: A nub guide to armor class

I was on Saurafang earlier when the question of armor classes and what classes wore what armor's. Apparently the new player had not read his class description properly so being the nice chap i am i recited to him this simple mantra:

The armor class 101

If spells you cast, protect your ass with robes all shiny and new,
The sneaky Rogues and furry Droods wear leather to pew pew,
If mail you see a Hunters treat or shammy gear FTW,
The Plated guys to no surprise are Warrior and Paladin.
The Death Knights do not count you see that goddamn Hero class,
the plated rogues with spells so bold can kiss my poetic ass.

copy pasta and send to nubs, enjoy. Peace out

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