Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Too: USB iPod charger

There is nothing worse than your ipod running out of charge when your away from home or when you loose your charger so in the spirit of peace and music for all i give to you the HouseHold Hacker guide to a portable battery powered USB charger.

You will need:
1 5.1v zener diode
1 330-ohm resistor
1 9v battery connector
1 9v battery
solder and soldering iron
(you can get all of this at radio shack for about $5.00 US)

1. Solder the Zener diode to the left and right USB connector prongs.
2. Solder the black wire of the 9v connector to the left prong and the right wire to the resistor.
3. solder the other end of the resistor to the right prong.
4. Hook up battery and go to town.

as always special thanks gos to the Household Hacker team over at who come up with this amazingly useful make.

dont forget to subscribe to there latest insane creations and please be careful as failure to follow this simple circuit diagram will not only potentially damage your ipod but make you look like a ham fisted moron,

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