Friday, January 16, 2009

Daily Blogg: WotLK pauper epics trade in

Well as you all know i recently started playing warcrack again, and having finally reached Northrend and started looting the local mobs for "phat lewt" as usual this means giving up my shiny matching Tier epics and Burning crusade Raid weapons and healing gear and replacing them with frankly ridiculous looking tat honed from trash mobs that make my former epic gear look weak and pathetic in comparison despite looking like it was made by a half blind one armed troll with ADHD and a fetish for scrap metal and gaudy colours.

So its bye bye to my Pally Power Ranger and hello junk man V3.0.
As i look like i fell out of the scrapyard images of my current look are very few and far between but as soon as i mine the materials i need i will be making some new armor that hopefull wont make me appear as though i farmed my gear while i was AFK.

So long matching gear, you will be missed, maby i'll look this cool again in 10 levels...

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