Monday, June 29, 2009

Daily Blogg: Just like bus's

Wow....just wow, each time i went to post about a celeb' death this week i get hit by another.
Three of the greats have died this week and to be honest i would love to make some sort of humorous gag or quip but honestly im left standing here with my jaw on the floor wonderin gwos gonna win the corpse lotto next....

...seriously who's next? Obama having icons knocked off? i guess Arnie better learn to duck or he may be next on the reaper's list of "to be terminated"

seriously though i think somebody may have been poisoning the 'evian' supply

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DoveAlexa said...

There was that one actor before them all who died doing the asphyxiation jerking thing. The one who was in kung fu and is a Buddhist irl?
David Carradine
He died June 5th

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