Saturday, June 20, 2009

Daily Blogg: The interwebs fight back

So im in Naxx doing my mage thing last week, clearing quarters and pwning in a pyrotechnical fashion and looting purples when suddenly im booted from the server and unable to log in...

...yep the Internet decided "screw you buddy" and took something of a dump all over me.

It took four goddamn days to get a bloke from Tesco internet to be bothered to call and escalate my problem high enough to get an engineering chappy out from BT and another four for him to get to me.

When he finally got out it took him less than half an hour to locate and fix the problem.
A full week wasted, no internet, no wow, raining outside, nothing to do...

...i may have went a little crazy but thats between me and my new best friend Geoff the talking potato.

oh well im back on now...

1 comment:

DoveAlexa said...

D: Awwwww!!
//Makes you cookies and pudding cake!

this is the part where you re-instal some single-player games just in case. Like good old Baldur's Gate 2 or Warcraft 3.

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