Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daily Blogg: Save a virtual seal day?

Yes the manic animal loving insanity that is P.E.T.A.2 has invaded Azeroth.

PETA spin off group the imaginatively named PETA2 are invading the world of warcraft all this week in a vein attempt to frustrate and harass players on the wisperwind (US) server in order to get the message across that clubbing baby seals is wrong...even

...i'm sorry i simply cant take this seriously, when this was announced over April fools i took it as a joke until i received emails form friend that actually plays on this server who had noted a significant amount of in game protesters killing the various quest givers that set you tasks related to the clubbing of these adorable little punching bags.

Ok we get it the plight of the Canadian Baby seal is a good cause and i understand that you want to get your message out but with players in Azeroth already doing ethically and morally apt tasks in game for 'D.E.H.T.A"(Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals) we honestly though that P.E.T.A's desire to harass gamers would be slated...

...oh and its a PVE realm so we cant even gank the nubs... oh well

as im a fairly impartial chappy heres a link to there site:

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DoveAlexa said...

Gotta love virtual crazies. I hope someone hacks 'em good!

Oh and btw, you ever play star wars galaxies... would you like to?

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