Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How Too: Flash Memory Hard drive

A very quick how too this week as i'm a tad busy but as you can see this can make an excellent storage solution for all your memory related goodness as well as speeding up vista and giving yourself a compact and adaptable internal or external flash drive.

Im currently attempting to do this with four Sandisc cruzer micro 8GB flash drives (about £8 each in ASDA/Wallmart) and an old hub i had at home. This should give me a 32GB flash drive which i intend to use to speed up windows using ready boost.

now before i go just take into account that for about £30-£40 you can buy 32GB flash drives...

...128GB flash drive anybody? pointless i know considering for that kind of money you could buy a 500GB external Hard Drive but still the possibility is there.

anyway, have fun with this i know i will.

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