Saturday, September 27, 2008

Movie Night: Ironman (2008)

Ok its that time of week again and this week its Ironman (2008). If you dont know the story already then i suggest you go to Wikipedia because frankly i have no intention of ruining the entire movie by a synopsis on the subject matter.

Hit the link, start it playing and press pause to let it boot, grab the popcorn & sit yer rump down because this ones a corker!

I will try to keep an updated functional link for as long as possible but i strongly suggest you download it using the links.

see you later folks!



DoveAlexa said...


:D Watches happily :D

ps. I am beginning to feel like a stalker being the only one who oft replies to these oO.

Aries said...

meh the others are just shy. i mean i doubt that you alone can hit the blogg 170+ times a day...


DoveAlexa said...

Lol, noooo, no way. ;P

Aries said...

i mean i have grave doubts as to the 26462 hits (not counting the first full months hit total when i didn't have a counter) being a total culmination of two peoples hits.

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