Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daily Blogg: Pimp my WoW!!

Look once then gawp...

...why yes that is a Tauren on a motorcycle. Meet the new Lv80 mount (well one of them) available to the engineers of Azeroth come this fall in the WoTLK expansion of world of warcraft.

Although this pimp mobile does require a full engineering skill and the appropriate blueprints with the frankly huge list of materials to build it is so worth is you simply cannot describe it.


have you ever felt a bit ashamed of your finery? ever seen a buddy trekking through the barrens on foot because of a bank mix up or there conventional mount is simply too slow?

Then you may need to invest in some spare parts for one of these!
The sidecar mechano-hod (for that is its name) allows you to take a fellow player for a ride and gives your bike a pretty cool new paint job. It is more than worth the effort to level engineering for the ability for you and a buddy (or wife/girlfriend/eye candy) to take to the road in style. And to use it couldn't be simpler just group up, mount up and hit the dusty trail.

On an further note despite the efforts of the development team it is still not possible for magic users to cast spells while in the sidecar without exploiting the hell out of the mounting system nor despite consistent efforts to the contrary can you mount an entire raid group on one bike and sidecar...

...not that we didn't try i might add


DoveAlexa said...


If only I liked engineering, its pretty cool, but I play clothies and I like my bags.

I love the party-mobile ideas, finally we can take a lowbie with us on adventures.

Aries said...

worry ye not fair pedestrian maiden of the cloth for mine hunter hath ye olde engineering skill and as soon as yon blueprints be available i shalt be constructing this mechanical steed with gusto.

yea im building it, but im primarily building just to see how many folks wanna ride my big red choppa!

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