Thursday, August 28, 2008

So who fell for it?

So come on folks who fell for the gag How Too?
It's ok you can admit it, i left it up for a week in hopes of somebody at least attempt to ask me WTF i was thinking?
Dont panic though folks this wont be a recurring theme but i recently found that quite a few people were just coming to my Blogg for the How too section and i thought i would have a giggle with them.
I hope i didn't ruin anybody's phone or or make you waste money on a huge Ethernet cable but i really wanted to see if anyone would pull me on a gag post...

None the less the blogg will be back to normal this week and i will be doing a movie niight this weekend and a brand new REAL how too next week.

see you then, and again sorry for the windup.


DoveAlexa said...

Make it a how too without soldering, I'm not allowed to do that in the house anymore. ;)

Aries said...

oh dear what happened?
wait do i really wanna know?

but for you Dove it shall be soldering free :)

Weissberv said...

I was thinking, wth, i looked @ the source and i saw comments saying it was fake and my brain stopped thinking of how it could have worked. lol

rdmrules said...

Id have guessed it was true but i didnt try XD

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