Saturday, August 30, 2008

Movie Night: Dont Mess With The Zohan

OK i realize that this is an Adam Sandler movie and i unapologetically post it with a song in my heart and a spring in my step. Dont Mess With The Zohan is a massive comedic romp following the life of an apparently ex east block soldier Zohan as he comes to America to become a hair stylest opr at least that's the cover story, in reality he is on a secret mission for Mossad (the israili version of the FBI) but fate interviens as the lifestyle he adopts seems perfect for this unusual agent and finds himself becoming americanised in the role, sadly the agant he is sent to track comes to the fore and Zohan is forced to interfere in his own unique and innovative style.

Now athough this is a reasonably funny movie despite Sandlers appalling quasi Russian accent and lackluster acting manages to portray a lovable if slap worthy character on screen whos is easy enough to associate with despite camping up his character to an almost unbearable level.

Almost inspite of itself the story flows well and is typical of any Sandler movie in the same dynamic and ad-hoc MTV dayglow smarm that seems to plague the family movie scene at the moment, with that said it is a nice change from all the grim & dark movies currently doing the cinema rounds at this time.



Aries said...

I would officially like to apologize for posting misinformation regarding Mossad. Mossad is not now nor ever has been the Israili version of the FBI but is more akin to the British S.A.S or Americas Navy Seals in there nature and combative capability's.
Now some of you may wonder why i initially made this comparison, well it was mostly to show how badly Hollywood has represented them as a hybrid F.B.I special investigation, combat & assassination team with quasi superhuman operatives.

I make this statement without and outside provocation or influence...

Aries said...

...just messing with you guys and girls ;p

buit the info stands, hit Wikipedia for more information and to see just how much the American media butchered them in this film.

DoveAlexa said...

Sorry, if adam sandler has been anywhere near it, I aint watching it, sowwy Greek Mars man.

Aries said...

fair enough, i can understand that as im not a big Sandler fan myself and if i think about it this movie and many movies like it is probably why i think he may just be the anti christ.

well i can think of no other good reason why i was laughing other than some strange demonic power had some sort of hold of me.

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