Sunday, July 27, 2008

GASP! another update...

Hello again peeps and peepetts! once more i grace your screens with updates and insanity, sadly i dont really have much to say but under the circumstances it think pretty much anything is better than nothing.
None the less its sunday and for the Suicide moogles its the day after the night before as they make there way back from York and once more settle down behind there computers and Xbox's and take controll of there FF11 avatars (as will i after finishing this update) and to them all i would like to say welcome back.

as for the rest of you i thought i shoud inform you that as long as this computer continues to function i shall be updateing the blog as per how it used to be with a triumverate of teriffic updates per week consisting of ''how too'', ''music for the masses'' & ''Movie night'' on tuesday thursday and saturday respectivly along side any of the more mundane update i feel like doing .

so untill then folks i shall leave you all to go game with the various peoples of the hades server


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