Friday, July 25, 2008

Final Fantasy Frolics

Ok peeps i should probably start this post with a huge thanks to all of you for sticking with me through all the downtime and problems and computer issues i have had recently so


Ok for those of you that have wondered what the hell i have been doing all this time i guess i gave the game away with the huge FF logo and title but in all honesty ive mostly been working but when i have had a spare moment i have logged onto my new MMO addiction and spent some time with the wonderfully entertaining and welcoming Suicide moogles linkshell (guild) on the Hades Final Fantasy XI server.
But how did such a dedicated wow player end up on the Square Enix books?

Well it all started when i was playing with my PSP's web browsing system, i was looking for images for inspiration for a little writing project and i stumbled upon a picture of a red mage from the FF11 mmo so being the industrious fellow i am i followed the pic back to its source...

...what i found intreagued and stupified me, i found a guy as batshit crazy as me (sorry mill) and with a sence of humor that simply has to be witnessed to be believed. After a time i felt the urge to leave a comment (and another and another lol) and eventualy i gave into my urges and bought FF11 on pc and xbox360 and made myself an account...

...little did i know what would happen next...

...the game itself is a truly awe inspiringly epic world of weird and wonderfull characters wrapped up in a glossy and yet muted graphicle package where i have met some of the most mature and interesting people it has ever been my pleasure to meet and 90% of those incredable folks happen to be in the Suicide Moogles.
Now i should really say that the leveling system in FF11 is essentualy dead slow and stop with some quests taking actual days (real world days) to complete while the various mobs seem to have a homicidal bent that makes Hannibal Lecter seem passive and calm as no matter how far you run now matter what you do unless you zone out of the combat area you may as well kiss your XP good bye and prepare to start all over again, oh yes didn't i mention that if you did to any mob you loose a significant amount of experience even going so far as to loose a level (or two) if you get your ass handed top you.
None the less i have been enjoying the game and its various players company as i stalked around the world in a vein attempt to level 'Ariees' the avatar to a decent level. Now as it stands i have managed the feat of hitting lv20 and gaining a sub job and mount (chocobo) licance prior to my 30 day trial running out but now that it has i feel compelled top keep playing so yesterday i subscribed for the full 3 month package and payed up to October so i can spend some time with my new found friends on Hades and kill something a little more interesting than bunnies.

oh and if your interested in looking at Mills Blog or checking out the Suicide moogles you can find them all at
im sure Mill will be glad to see you.

ok that's it for today folks see you soon


DoveAlexa said...


just dont even uninstall the game or you'll have to buy a new one thanks to some strange activation law by the makers.

Aries said...

hi dove, good to see you still here keeping my site alive.
thanks sweetie

and no i wont, i got warned about that little problem before lol

Weissberv said...

Sexy Ariees, I hope I wasn't one of the 10% of the players that u didn't get plesure meeting. XD

Aries said...

naa wiss your cool bro. that reminds me how did the link meet up go?

Weissberv said...

The York meeting? I didnd't go. :(

Aries said...

doh nor me, oh well maby next year.