Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Library update: Rolling in his grave

This is a very sad and personal post for any and all D&D players, at the ripe age of 69 Gary "father of modern fantasy role play" Gygax failed his saving throw for the last time.

The creator of D&D and its various expansions and extended editions has been hailed as not only the father of modern dice based role play but by some as the grandfather of most modern MMORPG's. As we say goodbye however i would just like to say a solemn and heartfelt goodbye to a man who has provided both inspiration and decades of enjoyable gaming to us all.

Now as a celebration of his life and his most inspired creation (D&D) im throwing a 1st edition party at my place this weekend, minmaxing and LARPing will be frowned upon but understandable under the circumstances.

Bring some beer and a pointy hat, its going to be a long weekend.


Wulfie said...

so damn sad :( once i heard about it, i posted it in every general chat i came to in WoW. unfortunately, a bunch of 9-year-olds were playing at the time. -.-" little bastards.
still, wouldn't you say blizz should put up an in-game monument to gary? since, y'know... he basically gave them jobs? :P

Jonathan said...

So very sad to see him go. Wish I could play with ya Aries. It's Naz btw.

DoveAlexa said...

*cries* What will be the future of D&D I wonder... they better not wreak it with him gone!

I wish I could come and play too, its been over a year since I played any pen and paper game, and over a year and a half for D&D. I want to play my half-fey halfling Warlock again.