Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daily Blogg: Not quite dead yet!

Yes i am still here, however getting money out of people that don't exactly want to give it to me is proving somewhat difficult, who woulda thought?

It does seem however my weekly trips into the local library to be keeping the blogg alive if not exactly as polished as it once was. Fear thee not though loyal readers I shall blunder on and continue my ever pointless journey into the deepest and darkest depth's that the library filters will allow.

None the less the cash WILL be mine and soon i will have home access to the interwebs !


Wulfie said...

totally feel for you. my house burned down, and while i have a place to live, my computer is being worked on a bunch and inspected to see if i can get a new one from the insurance. waiting FTL.

i'm wolfie, by the way. ^^"

Anonymous said...

come back soon Aries we <3 you

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