Friday, January 11, 2008

RANT! : Xbox LIVE service

ARGH!!! ok im NOT one for a mindless badly though out rant...

...ok stop laughing you lot...

...but is it so utterly imposable to believe a company as HUGE as Micro$oft couldn't have anticipated the massive rise in Live subscribers and 360 owners give the stupidly high price of the PS3 or the game limitations of the Wii making the 360 the primary choice for most gamers?

Every single excuse under the sun has been made from bandwidth issues to server limitations to "over subscription" to explain the frankly idiotic level of service for the XBL community. This is further hampered by the ongoing pathetic level of customer service representatives on the help desks, primarily i have to admit due to the lack of understanding of the English language by the outsourced staff who have almost no understanding of the console or the "blade" interface system resulting in further frustration and worse PR for M$.

Get it sorted micro$oft or your going to loose your lead in this console war simply because you decided it was ok to shoot yourself in the foot.


DoveAlexa said...

I don't even have a next-gen console yet, I have my PS2 and I barely use it. Well, I would use it more but I am not allowed to play it a lot as it hogs the main tv, and the other one is off limits. So yeah, I play PC.


I just with Fallout 3 would come out already ;_;.

Why didn't they make mass effect for PC? Why?

Aries said...

aww well do yourself a favour and pick up a cheap 360 but stick to a silver account for now.

DoveAlexa said...

Lol. Maybe later when I have the money to blow on one thing for entertainment :P. There is a reason I was playing private wow.

Speaking of Dominion WoW, where are you ;_;?

Aries said...

been having internet trouble, but almost fixed it now

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