Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Daily Blogg: Back to work...*sigh*

Urgh 2008 is not quite living up to it's end of the deal so far, between having to pull a double workload this week to cover the various holiday bills and my credit card company deciding that it may be fun to harass me with calls at 5am in the f**king morning! my new year isn't exactly panning out.

None the less I have a bit of good news, as of today (if i can get through these reviews and this "holiday special" article I've been commissioned to do) I should be back on DominionWoW doing my usual GM idiocy and back to reasonably regular Blogg updates including tomorrows How too and Saturdays movie night.

While I'm here can i once again apologise for the utterly crap quality of Saturdays movie, it looked better before it was uploaded i swear!

oh well see you all later, Peace!


DoveAlexa said...

Yay! Our Madman is back ^^.


Sold any phasers? ;P

Aries said...

oddly yes!

people buy the weirdest stuff on ebay.
especialy if you tell them it can actualy burn things.

zMastaa said...

Didnt know u had your own blog sir

Let the link xchanging begin :)


Aries said...

ooh shiney blogness!