Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday bring on the Insanity!

Feeling a little odd today so instead of doing something utterly pointless to welcome in the new week i decided to hot this weeks gaming news running.

Well here we go, first things first "good" news for Sonic fans that own a Wii as of this weekend Sonic has been confirmed as a character in the upcoming Super Smash Brawl game. In all honesty i realy don't see the point as in my humble opinion the Mario & Sonic Olympics should be more than enough of the steroid enhanced mammal and Brooklyn plumber shenanigans for anybody.

But seriously Olympic games with Mario and Sonic....what is this 1984? I mean am i the only one that remembers that Mario is supposed to be a 40 something plumber from Brooklin? as for Sonic the idea of a naked blue steroid enhanced erinaceinae (oooh big word) that should be well into his 80's (in hedgehog years) as a symbol of Olympic excellence dosen't realy appeal...

...oh well at least its an accurate comparison to modern athletes...

oh screw it i need a level of madness on a monday...have some badass Mario!

(ignore the frankly stupid video...i am unwilling to post the "R" rated version on my blog)

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