Monday, August 20, 2007

The Rumour mill (yet more WotWK info)

So ive been hearing a veritable myriad of rumours on how the new Hero classes will function in WoW, Athough this may be a frustrating and unfortunite oversite on my part to explain properly I will attempt to make this as simple as possable. Now since Blizz will only give information on the Deathknight Hero class At this time they have comfirmed how this (and in all probibility future Hero classes) will function.

So lets get this started according to Blizz the very first thing we need to do if grind our asses off to get to Lv. 80 (yea big suprise there...) then compete a quest chain that Blizz has stated will be comparable to the Warlock Epic mount quest, one this quest is over your reward will be the ability to create a brand spanking new DeathKnight character. Now at the very least you still have your main to play (im personaly thinking this may be a good thing) and a new toon that starts with some truly IMBA gear and start at between Lv.55 & Lv. 70 (Blizz still havent gave details).

Now for those of you paying attention this means that you get to keep your main and still play the new class. I repeat...YOU CAN PLAY ALL THE NEW HERO CLASSES!!!

Now this does not mean you wont get to super power your main oh no no...the so called Prestiege classes will also open up to all players, so what does this mean to us the gamer? well basicly we get a Lv.80 pumped up version of your own class with a different class name and some funky new abilitys. So lest free up a slot, delete an alt and prepare for the comming of a whole new set of warriors.

And now you know what i know...well for a while

Now a special treat the Full presentation form Blizz:

Now i should warn you this is a 30min long video and he tends to drone on a bit, so feel free to miss some of his ''informitive idle banter'' and ''fanbase building quotes''.

As always i will be on Renegade WoW Vent channel doing my Q&A most evenings if you want further details. See ya ingame

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