Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rant: Gold farmers, the real cost.

Since the dawn of MMORPG's acquiring funds for some of the better gear available in game and where there is a need there will be someone with dubious morals to fill that need. The most notable sources of this virtual enterprise at this time are the Chinese, now i for one have no personal or moral grudge against the Chinese as people however i DO have a serious moral quandary with gold farmers.

The Gold Farmers have found a niche which they have over the period of a few years they have forged into a truly awe inspiring and corrupt business which unfortunately takes every advantage of the Asian peoples moral drive as a society utterly convincing those who work in these sweat shops that they not only CAN make money by selling virtual items and gold but but SHOULD because of the innate laziness and corruption of western society as a whole. This self proclaimed and convinced right to make real money in virtual realms despite company's such as Blizzard's constant efforts and monitoring of there servers has caused a rift among the gamers, splitting almost 50-50 morally with the desire for new and interesting items and mounts and need to ether farm for gold ourselves or pay a nominal fee to some Chinese sweatshop and spend our time actually enjoying the game.

So where does this leave us? well with inflated prices in the in game Auction houses and the distressing amount of time required to grind funds for things like epic flying mounts etc. gold farmers will always have a place on our servers despite the fact that they are the very reason for the inflated prices in the first place because most of us simply don't have the time to grind for weeks at a time to fund our in game exploits and pay the resulting repair bills. This vicious cycle of Farming, overpricing & gold buying will continue until ether the farmers are all banned or we as gamers stop buying there farmed gold. I mean yes it may take longer but it has to be better than paying people to exploit us and others doesn't it?

OK rant over...for now

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