Thursday, October 22, 2009

How Too: Halloween decorations

its that time of year and its time to get spooktactular!
Nothing says haunted house like spider webs so its time to cover every available surface

Part 1

Part 2

Ok so the videos suck but you get the idea right?

You wil need:

*strand cotton wool
*sticky tape
*black card
*scissors (to cut the card into spider shapes)

and there you go, use your brain here and you can do some amazing things.


DoveAlexa said...

I've seen some giant webs in stores that looked more like dried splatters of giant snot than webs XD.

On that note, my work is having a costume competition but I work the graveyard shift and will miss it all :(.

Aries said...

aww sucks, you could always go in costume anyway

as for breaking out my sonic screwdriver and calling it a day

DoveAlexa said...

o_O? your what now?