Friday, November 20, 2009

Daily Blogg: Writing for Blizz? (update)

Oh well it was a nice little dream while i had it...

Looks like it was merely a "permission to publish" email asking me to sign over certain publish rites so that it could go in both the new WoW magizine some time in the future and on the website archive after the initial publishing. So no its not a big break and with so many rites signed over as far as use of intelectual property go's the only recognition i will get is as a website contributer and to see my work published on an officially registered Blizz website.

Links will follow on this Blogg as soon as its published so you can all enjoy my ramblings.

Gotta admit to being a tad miffed at them raising my hopes up like that but meh what can you do.

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