Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daily Blogg: Too much WoW?

Ok so its that time in the game again, im geared, im at the level cap and im bored out of my tiny mind...

As with all things repetition leads to monotony and after finding out that during my down time my guild Blessed has fallen apart my desire to play has wained somewhat.

so what do i do?

Well as with "wrath" and The burning crusade" before it im left the leveling doldrums until the next expansion hits the shelves. I feel now is the best time to relax, maby play some xbox and take a break from Raiding.


1 comment:

DoveAlexa said...

Did you kill everyone at BT yet for your shit connection?
If not, then yes you play too much wow, cause its been almost a week since your last update, and if you got it fixed, you'd have posted :P.