Saturday, August 8, 2009

Daily Blogg: BT home Hell

Ok so here we are again...

...interwebs,you see unbeknown to me BT requires a 10 day "line test" and "run up" before switching on my fancy new 8 mb/s broadband here at the new house.

this is what im currently getting (on a good day off peak) apparently what im supposed to be using for Internet access until my 10 day fuckabout is finished. Yes your reading that correctly thats 0.13mb/s download speed thats 0.43 mb/s SLOWER than dial up internet.

As im sure your aware...this is not going to cut the mustard so today at some stage (as this is day 10) im going to have to have a word with the fine chaps at BT tech support to try and get this resolved.

stay tuned for there answer as soon as i manage to get one.

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