Saturday, March 7, 2009

Music for all: Tea Party: Stargazer

Unofficial band of Surafangs TTP and rapidly becoming my personal anthem.
normally i would give a long winded explanation for this insanity but to be honest this is primarily for my guildies and secondly just to hear Dove (huge luv BTW) sqwee in the comments box lol


DoveAlexa said...

And you shall have it


I bought the album this song was on in 2004.
I own 5 albums, they are my favorite band, and they are CANADIAN! HURRAY!
They may be broken up but the lead singer Jeff Martin sings on. He heads a group of varied peoples call Jeff Martin and the Armada.
I badly need to get the album with "Winter Solstice" on it, the song is epic. Folk mixed with an east Indian sound.

Aries said...

yep there good, soo damn good i am using there music to background my next Machinima movie (and promo movie for TTP.

you have been warned...prepare for defcon squeeee

DoveAlexa said...

I can't wait!

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