Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Daily Blogg: Happy Excuse to be surly and drunk day

Happy excuse for drinking day one and all!

Its that time of year again where idiots of all nations attempt to pretend there Irish and instead only succeed in laying face down in a pool of emerald green vomit.
Last year I commented on my less than pleasant personal view on this most Irish of holidays and mocked the myriad millions for dressing in green and almost fatly poisoning themselves in a vapid and pointless attempt to emulate there Irish kin.

This year i say screw it, get drunk, enjoy your moment in the sun (or as your pretending to be Irish "your moment in the rain" would be more apt) in the full knowledge that some of us get to enjoy the reputation for being a "drunken fightin' midget" every day of our little green lives.

So drink up, fall down & have a fight!
Your Irish for the next 24 hours, make the most of it.

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