Saturday, February 7, 2009

Daily Blogg: so yea im fired....

yep im fired, well kinda.
As of Thursday my services were no longer officially required "on the same scale" at my local newspaper (that due to legal reasons i am required to not mention by name...) and as such had to give up my shiny new computer and kick ass 36" LCD monitor and paper owned Notebook.

so im back home on my own laptop slowly turning my lap into the new tourist resort for under 30's as it pumps out heat at a rate comparable to the sun slowly cooking me as i post out my CV and portfolio to pretty much anyone who i think may want it.

Regardless i shall continue to keep you updated so long as this thing keeps running until i earn/save enough to get it repaired properly.

oh look my 20 mins of run time is almost up, that must mean my ball soup is done, catch you all later.


DoveAlexa said...

That's all I can think to say...

Aries said...

i'll live, i just have to get back on the horse as it were.

and im still getting work, just on a much smaller scale.

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