Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How Too: The Fox Hole radio

Ok folks this is the first How Too of the year and i thought why the hell not go really really old school on your asses with a classic WW2 foxhole radio.
You should be aware that this kind of radio is basically a toy in comparison to any conventional modern radio pick up but as a project for a wasted weekend its a corker.

Ok so why am i going so simple with you all of a sudden? well simply i want to see what you lot can actually do before we move on to some considerably more difficult and interesting projects in future How Too's this year.

so give it a shoot and tell me how yours turned out.

NOTE: Blued and superheated razorblades can be purchased at most drugstores or if your feeling cheap and normal razor blade can be heated to functional temperature over almost any decent heat source such as a gas lighter or open flame or hob top of any conventional oven.

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