Sunday, December 7, 2008

Daily Blogg: These things i cannot say

As many of you know im a writer and freelance Journalist willing to work pretty much anywhere at any time for a reasonable fee...

...this can lead to me being stuck in some more than a little difficult and "detaining" situations. One such situation raised its ugly head this week with me finding myself working for a popular gaming magazine that due to my inquisitive nature seen me held by some over zealous security personnel who believed i "borrowed" some rather exclusive imagery during the press conference.

6-8 hours later i emerged blinking into stark daylight from the gloom of the local police station with a now out of date plane and train ticket and bruises in places i really didn't want and left in the cold and insanely bright day waiting for my laptop, XBL memory card and camera to be released from the evidence department.

As im sure by now you have noticed it has taken me quite some time to get home. Normal service will resume as soon as i get some sleep and a shower.


DoveAlexa said...

D: Aries! //big hugs, that blows, I'm gonna go over there and kick their asses //pouts.

Or just mail them a dead animal.

Aries said...

ll killing me but im still kinda annoyed that they cloned my laptop HD and confiscated a significant amount of my more enjoyable .Jpg's & MP4's

i mean my god they even questioned me regarding my music collection!

worse still i know they were attempting to play warcraft.

i feel so used

DoveAlexa said...

:O Wth... I didn't know you lived in a communist dictatorship.

Aries said...

nor did i but apparently that's what the police in the UK seem to have based there prisoner relations policy's on recently.