Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How too: Make a one dolla speaker sysytem

Ok im back and i have a real doddle of a make for you this week that i was introduced to when i was waiting for the WoW expansion, all credit go's to Gerrard and his one man personal entertainment system who powered and used these amazing speakers to entertain us all in the freezing cold while the nice people at GAME mocked us from there centrally heated splendor.

I should note that a base metal washer and some good quality TIN foil (not aluminum) as you require a conductive surface for maximum effect. Additionally try to put some insulating tape anywhere you attempt top move the speaker as the effect can be quite shocking.

One last thing is that the addition of an external power source (that will be next weeks how too) can improve speaker output significantly.

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Aries said...

still cant believe anyone fell for this...again im sorry yes this was just a gag post for the lulz

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