Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How Too: Trick for no Treat...

Ok before i start and hopefully before you watch these films please note i do not advocate the use of a Burning Laser Pointer or Colored Smoke Bombs in the tricking of cheap ass people that refuse to give out candy on Halloween...

...i just think its funny as hell to watch them suffer for being so goddamn frugal.

With this in mind please do not attempt to utilize these items if you intend to use them for property damage in any way as it is not only socially irresponsible but could lead to life threatening and potentially lethal situations.

Tips On how to Trick Your Neighbors using these toys:

1) Use the Burning Laser to light previously positioned and primed smoke bombs from a distance.

2) Set up a black bag with a colored torch behind it and burn creepy mesages into it using the Laser.

3) put a smoke bomb inside a pumpkin and light, the bigger the carved pumpkin the better the result.

4) blow up black (black works better as it heats faster) balloons and cover the top of them with shaving foam and place above a door. Pop balloons just before your intended target enters the room for. This also works with water balloons but be sure to full them full of luke warm water or the Laser will struggle to heat the rubber to bursting temperature.

Good Luck and i wish you well, but rember these may be fun but they are surprisingly dangerous so be careful.

()----------------Please Read---------------()
WARNING: Use or misuse of these Items for any reason outside of your personal property under adult supervision CAN & WILL result in prosecution and potentially incarceration. Nether Aries Antics the site host or any sites linked to or from her condone or accept responsibility for the use or misuse of these items in any way shape or form. You have been warned so don't blame me if you do something stupid, but since almost none of you are going to read this and insist on doing stupid things anyway i wish you the very best in rehab while you learn to read brail with the feeble stups you have where your hands used to be.


DoveAlexa said...


Hurray! and easy to make too! That smoke was coming out so fast too, who cares if it isn't a 'throw down and puff of smoke" bomb, it's SO COOL! I can even make these.

Aries said...

one does one's best when it comes to unacceptable levels of insanity here at AriesAntics.

they really are the most fun you can have with a smarty tube and some duck tape...

...with your pants on that is *cough*

Weissberv said...

i don't give out stuff @ halloween, its a cheap event and should be stopped :P

Aries said...


try putting a smoke bomb in a carved pumpkin beside your door... tends to keep the sprogs away

DoveAlexa said...

CHEAP EVENT WHICH IS AWESOME YOU MEAN, SIR! Hell why do we have to suffer through the fuggin expensive ones all the time, give me one I can do without stressing and dropping a grand. :(

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