Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How Too: Build a Lightsaber


Ok i wont divulge much about the video but i will say it involves no soldering in any way whatsoever...

....*cough* power tools don't count right?

to be honest the creation of the prop is a bit of a pain for those of you out there without access to some basic tools and equipment but don't forget that there are much simpler versions available if you follow the links provided.

Now as for the special effects, even a low end computer can create top looking effects relatively simply. Don't forget though that you don't need a fancy looking prop to make use of the effects package a simple cane or rod with a few licks of paint or wraps of electrical tape can create a worthy weapon for any wannabe Jedi or Sith with only the lightest of after image wizardry.

ok then that's it, enjoy and i hope to see your efforts on youtube in the near future.


DoveAlexa said...

Thats one awesome show, funny when he kills the one guy and pokes at it with his foot. Hehe,"oops" XD.

That handle he made ws soooooo nice too. It looked really professional. God, I wish I had a grinder XO. I was thinking though, if you got a florescent light tube, you could stick that inside the handle. It'll look cheap but it'll look complete. You could also get an opaque plastic tube and some LEDs, that'll last pretty long if you put a battery inside your handle, which there is space for.

<3 Ty Aries ^^

Aries said...

happy to help dove, now snap a pic of your saber and send it in! : )

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